The Couples Retreat Playbook 

Learn how to schedule, plan and celebrate your next couples retreat.  


Want to build a better, lasting relationship and have a more organized family life?

Then you need this FREE playbook! You will learn: 

  • Where and when to book a retreat
  • How to schedule your time away
  • What to pack
  • How to disconnect
  • How to better integrate your life  

Why the Couples Retreat Playbook?

We spoke with over 100 entrepreneur families across the US and Canada and learned that the one thing most entrepreneurial couples need is more 1-1 time. However, we know that it's hard to find the time and the reason to get away.

So we created this guide to not only teach you WHY you need to book a disconnected couples retreat but HOW to do it too. 

Renée Warren wrote our quick and easy-to-follow playbook after her and her husband survived a grueling two years of entrepreneurship and having successfully navigated having two babies, moving twice, launching two businesses (one venture-backed) all in two years.